Emuca Non-slip mat for kitchen drawers, Plastic, Textil grey, 20 m

ID 8935321 / EAN 8432393007403

Product features

  • Prevents the slipping of objects within drawers during the opening and closing of them.
  • Protects surfaces from knocks and abrasion and reduces noise.
  • Supplied in rolls.
  • 2000x48cm Measurement (can be cut to the desired size).
  • Made from plastic with a grey textile effect finish.

The non-slip mat for drawers prevents glasses, pans and other small utensils from sliding during the opening and closing of the drawer, reducing noise and protecting the surfaces from knocks and scrapes. It can be cut so it can be adjusted easily to the space that you want to cover.

Product data sheet in PDF
Identifier 8935321
EAN 8432393007403
Format 20 MT
Retail Price (VAT) 191,76 £
Size Textile effect
Color Grey
Dimensions (1 UN) 22,5 x 22,5 x 52
Weight 9.603 Kg
Material Plastic
Components 1 roll of non-slip mat