Emuca Bin for furniture door, 5 L, Plastic, White

ID 8935115 / EAN 8432393007366




Product features

  • For suspended mounting on the furniture door.
  • Capacity: 1 5 litre container.
  • Manual opening of lid.
  • Installation fittings included.
  • Made from white plastic.

Emuca practical Onda 5-litre bin for suspended mounting on the furniture door. Includes manual opening cover and the accessories needed for installation.

Product data sheet in PDF
Identifier 8935115
EAN 8432393007366
Format 1 Ut.
Retail Price (VAT) 50,310 £
Size 5 litres
Color White
Dimensions (1 UN) 19 x 24,5 x 19
Weight 0.516 Kg
Material Plastic
Components 1 5l bin with a cover, plate for hanging, assembly fittings