Emuca Bathroom drawer organiser, 350 mm, Plastic, White

ID 8500315 / EAN 8432393007304



Product features

  • Organises and optimises the space inside the drawers of bathroom furniture.
  • Object holder with a cover very useful for storing any object or accessory.
  • Comprised of a tray and three boxes with a cover.
  • For drawers with a depth of 350 mm.
  • Made from white plastic.

Inner drawer accessory available in a white and anthracite grey finish, ideal for combining with the range of Emuca drawers and the other accessories from the Onda collection. This adjustable organiser is installed inside the drawers of bathroom furniture, thus facilitating the storage and ordering of any object or accessory inside them, optimising their space and capacity.

Product data sheet in PDF
Identifier 8500315
EAN 8432393007304
Format 1 Ut.
Retail Price (VAT) 41,190 £
Size 350 mm deep
Color White
Dimensions (1 UN) 17 x 33 x 9
Weight 0.598 Kg
Material Plastic
Components 1 organising base, 3 boxes