Emuca Hinge, D. 35 mm, full overlay, 100º opening, plates for screwing, 20 pcs

ID 1011007 / EAN 8432393003009



Product features

  • X91N full overlay
  • Fastening for screwing.
  • Concealed hinge with a diameter of 35 mm.
  • 100º Opening.
  • It is recommended to use the X91 and X91N hinges together.
  • Automatic system for clip assembly of the hinge to the plate.
  • Door thickness of 14 to 24 mm.
  • Can be adjusted three-dimensionally.
  • Drilling range of the concealed hinge D = 3 ~ 7 mm.
  • Depth adjustment via eccentric screw.
  • Spring for both closing and opening.
  • X91 Plate.
  • Fastening for screwing.
  • 0 mm Height.
  • With eccentric adjustment.
  • It includes the screws necessary for assembly.
  • Produced using nickel steel.
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Hinges for doors designed to fit out your kitchen, wardrobe, home, bathroom and office furniture with the highest quality at the best price. The main characteristic of the X91N hinges is that they are the same as the X91 but without the cushioning device, that is to say, they come with the traditional door closing spring. These hinges are used along with the X91 hinges on the same door in order to reduce the soft effect and the total cost at the same time.

They are available in a full overlay, half overlay and inset versions with 100º opening of the door. In order to install them you need to drill a 35mm hole beforehand for the concealed hinge. Fastening to the board is carried out using the screws included.

Likewise, they stand out for their easy installation thanks to the automatic clip assembly system of the hinge to the plate. Also, both have eccentric screwing for quick and convenient adjustment.

Product data sheet in PDF
Identifier 1011007
EAN 8432393003009
Format 20 Set
Retail Price (VAT) 52,068 £
Size Full
Color Nickel plated
Dimensions (1 UN) 15 x 10 x 27
Weight 2.34 Kg
Material Steel
Components 20 hinges, 20 plates and assembly screws