Emuca Set of Slippe concealed drawer runners, 440 mm,partial extraction, push system, Zinc plated

ID 4103405 / EAN 8432393107769

Product features

  • Partial extraction runners with push for drawers with a depth of 440 mm.
  • Designed for home furniture.
  • Ejection system when pressure is put on the drawer.
  • They are supplied in complete sets with right and left-hand sides.
  • +4,5 mm vertical adjustment via a trigger.
  • It slides on delrin ball bearings that allow for movement horizontally and vertically.
  • Maximum load of 25 kg.
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Emuca hidden wheel runners for Slippe drawer are perfect for home furniture. These runners provide partial extraction of the drawer and they have a push to open system when pressure is placed on the drawer.

Product data sheet in PDF
Identifier 4103405
EAN 8432393107769
Format 1 Set
Retail Price (VAT) 20,790 £
Size 440 mm deep
Color Zinc plated
Dimensions (1 UN) 5 x 5 x 46
Weight 1.154 Kg
Material Steel
Components 1 set of runners