Product features

  • Steel drawer formed by two side parts and ball bearing runners with soft closing.
  • Height of the side 118 mm and depth 350 mm.
  • The back does not need machining.
  • Improved fastening capacity of the hook on the side.
  • It is supplied with the hook mounted on the side.
  • Adjustment via ±2 mm vertical adjustment.
  • Maximum load of 25 kg.
  • Made from steel painted metallic grey colour RAL 9022.
  • Possibility of assembly with soft closing (not included).
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The Ultrabox drawer kit for kitchen and bathroom is comprised of steel sides with roller runners, designed with a painted aluminium finish. It is the best option with the best price-quality ratio for kitchen and bathroom drawers. Each kit includes all the accessories for assembling a drawer: side parts, set of roller runners and front hooks for the front part. You will only need the boards cut to the correct dimensions for the bottom, the back and the front of the drawer.

The fastening hooks of the front of the drawer enable ± 2 mm eccentric adjustment vertically. These hooks are provided already assembled on the steel sides.

Product data sheet in PDF
Identifier 4393825
EAN 8432393110363
Format 1 Ut.
Retail Price (VAT) 16,461 £
Size H 118 x 350 mm deep
Color Metal-grey
Dimensions (1 UN) 13 x 3 x 35
Weight 1.133 Kg
Material Steel
Components 1 set of runners, 1 set of sides, 1 set of front hooks