Emuca Cutlery tray for Vantage-Q drawer, 600 x 500 mm unit, 18 mm thickness, Plastic, Grey

ID 8324921 / EAN 8432393122090

Product features

  • Sized for Vantage-Q drawers in units with a width of 600 mm, depth of 500 mm and board thickness of 18 mm.
  • Made from grey plastic.

Cutlery trays for kitchen Vantage-Q drawers with a straight design and large capacity for storing cutlery and other kitchen utensils, thus fully maximising space. They are sized for use with drawers mounted in units with a standard width of 600 mm or 900 m, depth of 500 mm with board thicknesses of 16 mm or 18 mm depending on the model selected.

Product data sheet in PDF
Identifier 8324921
EAN 8432393122090
Format 1 Ut.
Retail Price (VAT) 21,120 £
Size M 600 x 500 (TH 18mm)
Color Grey
Dimensions (1 UN) 49 x 5 x 54
Weight 0.783 Kg
Material Plastic
Components 1 cutlery tray