Emuca kitchen Vantage-Q drawer kit, height 141 mm, depth 400 mm, with rails, soft close, Steel, Metallic grey

ID 3062325 / EAN 8432393007915

Product features

  • Kit of fittings needed to assemble an exterior drawer with a height of 141 mm and depth of 400 mm, apart from the front, back and bottom.
  • Includes the total extraction runners, set of sides, set of back hooks and set of front hooks and set of rails.
  • The runners are total extraction with soft closing and a maximum load of 35 kg.
  • Made from steel painted metallic grey colour.

The Vantage-Q drawer for kitchens and bathrooms is available in a kit format with all of the fittings needed for its assembly. It also stands out for its great load capacity that can support up to 35 kg per drawer. It includes total extraction runners with soft closing , a set of hooks , set of rails (H141 and H204) and sides available in a white painted or metallic grey finish. You will only need the boards cut to the correct dimensions for the bottom, the back and the front of the drawer.

Product data sheet in PDF
Identifier 3062325
EAN 8432393007915
Format 1 Ut.
Retail Price (VAT) 57,870 £
Size H 141 x Prof. 400 deep
Color Metal-grey
Dimensions (1 UN) 18,5 x 7 x 43,5
Weight 3.558 Kg
Material Steel
Components 1 set of runners, 1 set of sides, 1 set of back hooks, 1 set of front hooks, 1 set of rails, screws and assembly instructions.