Emuca Set of gallery rails for Concept drawer, depth 350 mm, Steel, White

ID 3110212 / EAN 8432393011219

Product features

  • Set of rails for Concept drawers with a depth of 350 mm.
  • It is comprised by two rails and two back hooks.
  • Square rails.
  • Made from steel painted white colour RAL 9003.

Set of rails for Concept kitchen and bathroom drawers,, designed for the assembly of large and deep pot-and-pan drawers, with a large storage capacity. They have a back hook that does not require any machining on the back of the drawer, you simply need to cut it straight and screw in the hooks. Thanks to this advantage it is possible to put rails at any height and create pot and pan drawers very easily.

Product data sheet in PDF
Identifier 3110212
EAN 8432393011219
Format 1 Set
Retail Price (VAT) 11,190 £
Size 350 mm deep
Color White
Dimensions (1 UN) 6,5 x 2 x 39
Weight 0.26 Kg
Material Steel and plastic
Components 1 set of rails