Emuca Battery-powered LED light, for inside drawers, vibration sensor, cool white light, Plastic, Metal-grey

ID 5006325 / EAN 8432393000428





Product features

  • Battery powered LED light.
  • Designed to light the inside of drawers.
  • Light flow of 28 lumens.
  • Power 0.6 W.
  • Cool white colour temperature with 7,000 Kelvin.
  • It has 4 LEDs.
  • Light suitable for dry areas, IP 20.
  • It has a sensor that is activated through the vibration when the drawer is opened.
  • 20 second timer for turning off the light.
  • Mounting is carried out at the bottom of the drawer using screws or double-sided adhesive tape.
  • It includes the screws and the adhesive tape needed for assembly.
  • It can be assembled straight (90º) or at a tilt (60º) depending on the projection of light.
  • 140º light beam.
  • Light with LED technology.
  • Includes 3 LR03 (AAA) batteries.
  • The batteries included are for the purposes of testing the product.
  • Made from plastic with a painted Metal-grey.
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The LED Drawled light that functions with battery functioning is designed to light the inside of the drawers in your furniture and wardrobes with drawer units.

It has a dual sensor that is activated via the vibration of the drawer opening, and it is deactivated after 20 seconds thanks to a timer.

It also has 4 cool white LED lights, corresponding to a colour temperature of 7,000 kelvin. It stands out for its functioning with 3 LR03 batteries (AAA) included in the supply and its low consumption of 0.6W.

It is designed to be assembled straight (90º) or at a tilt (60º) depending on the projection of light that you want. Fastening to the drawer can be carried out using screws or double-sided adhesive tape, both included in the supply.

Product data sheet in PDF
Identifier 5006325
EAN 8432393000428
Format 1 Ut.
Retail Price (VAT) 36,237 £
Size -
Color Metal-grey
Dimensions (1 UN) 16 x 2,5 x 26,5
Weight 0.101 Kg
Material Plastic
Components 1 light, 3 AAA batteries, screws and assembly instructions