Emuca Folding hanger for wardrobe, 450-600 mm adjustable, until 12 Kg, Steel, Titanium finish

ID 7030052 / EAN 8432393134253

Product features

  • Telescopic width of 450-600 mm adaptable to the dimensions of the inside space of the wardrobe.
  • Maximum load: 12 kg.
  • For mounting on the side boards of the furniture/wardrobe.
  • Titanium colour finish and includes titanium colour covers to hide the mounting screws.
  • For assembly in wardrobes with hinged doors, install along with the side supplement code. 7030352.

The Sling folding hanger for wardrobes makes it possible to have access to the upper areas of the wardrobe without effort. The width of the bar is adjustable in order to adapt to the usable space of the wardrobe, and also has soft movement with cushioned folding back and a maximum load of 12 kg. If installing in a wardrobe with hinged doors it is recommended to assemble along with the Sling side supplement 7030315/7030325/7030352.

Product data sheet in PDF
Identifier 7030052
EAN 8432393134253
Format 1 Ut.
Retail Price (VAT) 79,290 £
Size 451 - 600 mm
Color Titanium
Dimensions (1 UN) 16 x 9 x 86,5
Weight 3.61 Kg
Material Steel and plastic
Components 1 folding hanger, screws and assembly instructions