Emuca Cams and dowels and bolt M8, D. 35 mm, 20 mm board, Zamak and steel, White, 10 pcs

ID 4020615 / EAN 8432393006161




Product features

  • Joining systems for furniture, wardrobe structures and the joints of beds or tables.
  • The cams system stands out for its strong and effective fastening for robust joints.
  • Designed to be embedded into the board, they provide demountable fastening.
  • Each kit is comprised of an cam, a bolt, a nut and a cover.
  • The cam has a diameter of 35 mm.
  • Valid for thick board thicknesses of 20 mm as minimum.
  • The bolts and the nuts have an M8 metric thread.
  • The cover included locks blocks the cams preventing them from loosening.
  • For mounting of the system you need prior machining in order to embed it.
  • The cam and the nut are made from natural zamak, the bolt is made from turned galvanized steel and the cover is made from white plastic.
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They can be used for board thicknesses of 19 mm as for their assembly it is necessary to have prior machining of a hole with a 15 mm diameter and depth of 14 mm.
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Identifier 4020615
EAN 8432393006161
Format 10 Set
Retail Price (VAT) 31,986 £
Size Ø 35 mm
Color White
Dimensions (1 UN) 15 x 3 x 16
Weight 0.629 Kg
Material Zamak, steel and plastic
Components 10 cams, 10 bolts, 10 nuts, 10 covers